May 31, 2023

May 31, 2023

May 31, 2023

Ox: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Increase Warehouse Efficiency by 20%+

Ox: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Increase Warehouse Efficiency by 20%+

Ox: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Increase Warehouse Efficiency by 20%+

In 2023, there’s no shortage of technology to automate individual tasks and processes within the warehouse. But these solutions alone aren’t enough to boost operational efficiency. They play into fragmented and disjointed systems, overlooking the most important factor of all: the end-to-end operator experience. To truly streamline your warehouse operations, you need a holistic, 360 view of your entire frontline experience. You then need to optimize this experience so that it’s seamless, agile, and smart—and able to respond to operators’ needs in real-time. That’s where Ox comes in: the world’s first human-centered automation system designed to increase frontline efficiency through AI, machine learning, and data. 

Ox doesn’t simply replace people with technology to speed up certain tasks. It works with your frontline operators, empowering them to be fully informed and more efficient at every single touchpoint. The result? A fully connected, data-driven warehouse with 24/7 visibility. With Ox, you can identify and close productivity gaps, reduce errors, boost customer satisfaction and employee retention, and increase operational efficiency by 20%+. Keep reading to learn how Ox is setting a new standard in warehouse planning. 

What’s the problem with traditional warehouse planning, and how is Ox solving it?

Traditional warehouse planning methods rely heavily on manual processes, fragmented systems, and physical paperwork. This goes hand-in-hand with a lack of real-time data and operational visibility, resulting in:

  • Inaccurate inventory management

  • Inadequate order fulfillment

  • Limited flexibility and scalability

  • Slow and uninformed decision-making 

Traditional warehouse planning is inherently inefficient, inflexible, and error-prone. At the end of the day, you’ve got unhappy customers whose orders are incorrect, missing, or delayed, and frustrated operators who don’t have the tools, data, and processes they need to do their jobs. None of this is good news for the bottom line. Now imagine a world where your entire warehouse operations are seamlessly connected and running on real-time data. 

You’ve got a central platform dedicated to analyzing and optimizing every single aspect of your frontline. You’ve got operators connected to the platform via wearables, providing them with whatever information they need in real-time as they move through the warehouse hands-free. The whole system is leveraging AI to automate manual tasks, direct your operators with up-to-the-second decision-making, and gather data to identify and address efficiency gaps as they arise. 

Sound good? Meet Ox. 

Ox: Human-centered automation that works in harmony with your operators

Ox solutions are designed to enhance workers’ skills and abilities. They leverage data, AI, and machine learning to ensure that every operator has exactly what they need at any given moment. 

Ox at a glance:

  • Human-centered automation: A design approach pioneered by Ox that prioritizes the needs and experiences of human workers. This enhances worker satisfaction, productivity, and overall performance.

  • Operator Experience (OX) Platform: A suite of software applications designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of warehouse, distribution, and retail center operations. The OX platform includes modules for wearable devices, task management, facility mapping, process design, and more.

  • Wearable Hardware: Hands-free devices and wearables that provide operators with real-time information on the go, assisting them at every step.

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI algorithms analyze data from the warehouse to identify areas for improvement, make recommendations for optimization, and to enable real-time decision-making.

  • Frontline Visibility: Because everything’s connected, you have a full 360 view of your warehouse in real-time. Simply check the live feed to see exactly what’s going on and respond to changes as they arise. 

Why use Ox? Increase operational efficiency by 20%+ 

By streamlining the entire operator experience, you’re creating the optimal environment for your frontline workers. This results in higher productivity, increased job satisfaction and employee retention, and reduced labor costs.  At the same time, more efficient operations means increased accuracy and fewer errors. Overall, you’re better equipped to meet customer expectations—and to continue doing so at scale. Ox has proven to boost operational efficiency by 20%+ within just 48 hours. That’s a huge difference both on the warehouse floor and for business at large. 

A new frontier for warehouse operations

Supply chain volume is increasing and the logistics industry is growing. This presents a major opportunity for players in the field—but it’s an opportunity that many are struggling to tap into. Outdated processes and fragmented systems continue to harm productivity, while siloed technology solutions fail to consider the bigger picture. With Ox, you can optimize your entire operator experience from end to end, creating a system that’s scalable, agile, and data-driven. How can human-centered automation transform your frontline operations?