Your frontline operations powered
by connected, intelligent applications.

Guide warehouse operators with real-time instructions and

AI-powered optimization on hands-free, wearable devices.

The Operator Experience

We improve frontline work by making it easier to train, track, and perform.

Operator Experience

Efficiently direct operators with system directed workflows.

Wearable Devices

Enable hands-free operations through wearable devices.

Assisted Intelligence

Automate the allocations of tasks based on operational AI.

Frontline Visibility

Track your performance with real-time metrics.

Human-centered AI designed to empower and enable the operator.

Multi-lingual workflows and voice commands across processes.

Visual and system directed work instructions to increase efficiency.

Reduce downtime by promptly handling exceptions in real-time.

Unlock productivity and reimagine your operations with smart workflows.

Ox integrates with your warehouse management system to design the operator experience.

Directed Picking

Task Interleaving

Directed Inventory

Configure intelligent applications that quickly integrate with existing systems.

Design custom workflows,

instructions, and processes.

Utilize advanced algorithms

to optimize your operations.

Implement real-time, cloud-based

application architecture.

Ox provides software, hardware, and dedicated support for one annual fee.

Increase operational efficiency and reduce training time.


White-glove training, project management, and customer support for network rollouts.


Industry experts overseeing the design and analysis of the implementation and results.


Project reports and dashboards that track facility and network efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

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